Thursday 10/17, Friday 10/18

Write (copy the blue words)
Below is the layout for your drink label.  It has the following parts:
  • overall dimensions 8.75 x 3.5
  • a .25 inch boarder on left, top and bottom
  • a .5  glue tab to the right
  • a place for the nutrition facts label 1.25 inches.

  • The label will have a logo or image branding the drink
  • a drink name
  • and a slogan

2 (Photoshop activity)
For today do a warm-up design. Think of a name for a drink and make a label with similar parts as the label below. Don't copy but use the same overall dimensions of 8.75 x 3.5.  Include a name a slogan and an image.

Here is an example to imitate:

Remember, the name of your drink must be in 'The Zone' because the label wraps around the can.

Submit your design as last-first-label-practice-10-17 to

If you have any more work to do on your final movie you have extra time today.  Final movies will not be turned in until next class.

Tuesday 10/15, Wednesday 10/16
Write (Copy the blue words)
Bright pure colors = BAD
Yucky mucky neutral colors = GOOD


shades = mix with black
Tints =mix with white (pastel colors)
complementary colors = oposite
neutral colors (complementary colors mixed)

Place the word using a very bright color on the different backgrounds.  The goal is to create the greatest contrast

Friday 10/11, Monday 10,14
Write (Copy the blue words )

The printing industry is made of graphic designers and the printers that turn the graphic designs into a product.

How big is the print industry?

Check out these numbers: These are 2017 stats.
  • The $898 Billion a year industry drives about $3.8 trillion in related industries (book sales, marketing, etc).
  • In America alone, we print and share trillions of pages of information a year.
  • The print industry is bigger than the online advertising industry, the video game industry, and the US auto industry.

Continue with movie reviews

Make three labels
file name: last-first-label 7,8,9
Submit ONE (not all three) to

Make the following three labels:

• A label for halloween
What colors will you use?
What font and what will it say
What imagery (pics) will you use
You decide what size the label will be.

• A label for a child's toy
What colors will you use?
What font and what will it say
What imagery (pics) will you use
You decide what size the label will be.

• a label for food fair
What colors will you use?
What font and what will it say
What imagery (pics) will you use
You decide what size the label will be.


Wednesday 10/9, Thursday 10/10
Monday 10/7
1 Write (copy the blue words)

Careers in the computer arts - Graphic Designer.

• What does a Graphic Designer do? A graphic designer combines images, words and other graphic elements to create commercial art and information.  A Graphic Designer may create movie posters, labels, banners and books.  Graphic designers create advertisements for print, web and TV.  

• How much does a Graphic Designer earn? A typical salary for a Graphic Designer in the bay area is $40,000 to $85,000 per year. Many independent Graphic Designers earn more.

2 Continue with movie reviews.


Make labels for each of these containers.  You decide what is in the container.  Be sure the product has a name (You make up the name)




Monday 10/7, Tuesday 10/8
1 Write: Copy the blue words.

The process for developing a projects  uses the Design Cycle as a framework.

The Design Cycle
• Brainstorm: gather ideas and information
• Plan: Outline and draw your best idea
• Make: Make your project according to the plan. Try a variety of ideas.
• Analyze : Identify what is wrong and how to improve
• Revise: or improve the project.

Make the following labels:
3 x2
What colors?
What images?

5 x 2.5


Participate in Analyze and Revise for the My Life Movies. (Timing, content, music, other.)

Thursday 9/26, Friday 9/27
Movies are DUE at 9:00 'How to turn in' instructions will be posted at that time.

1 Write: Copy the blue words.
The My Life Movei is DUE at 9:00. I have gone over my movie to look for typos and other errors.  I have watched it from start to finish to check for timing problems.  My movie has an introduction, an end, transitions and sound. 

2. Do any last minute work on movies. 

3. Follow instructions to turn in the movie.

Tuesday 9/24, Wednesday 9/25
1 Write
Copy the blue words.

Required parts.
The movie must have:
• an introduction
• content
• an end
• use of transitions
• Music

Steps to do Speed editor:
Cut the movie into parts - control > split clip.
Get to the speed editor - Control > speed editor > slide radio buttons (rabbit or turtle)

A quick demo: Speed editor.  Do a Facetime recording. Say...
Sometimes I would like things to go slow and other times (pause) I would like things to go fast, fast, fast.

Work on movies.  Reminder: Your My Life movie is DUE on Thursday


Friday 9/20, Monday 9/23

Copy the blue words.

  • A journalist that uses photography to tell a story is a photojournalist.
  • Two photojournalists recently viewed in this class are Margaret Bourke-White and Robert Capa
  • Your My Life movie is like photojournalism because you are telling your story with pictures. Remember your movie is due either September 26th or 27th.
  • The first picture in your movie will be your baby picture.
Follow the sound demo. Follow speed demo.

Work on your movie



Get sounds HERE

Thursday 9/19
Copy the blue words:

Describe Photojournalism.  Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that employs images in order to tell a news story. ... Photojournalists create pictures that contribute to the news media.

Take a look at the following photojournalist, Margaret Bourke-White CLICK HERE and answer the questions.
  • When was she born?
  • jWhen did she die?
  • Where was she born?
  • What school did she attend?
  • She created alot of photo essays on the turmoil where?

Find four examples of this photjournalist's work and put them in a folder called Margaret Bourke-White. Put the folder on your google drive using Chrome.

Take time to clean up your desktop. The computers are being re-imaged.  Put all work on your google drive.

Work on your imovie.  Remember photos from your phone may need to be converted.


Monday 9/16
My Life Movie

The movie is in chronological order and has these basic parts:

• baby pic
• family pics
• pic of elementary or middle  school 
• pics of your friends when youwere younger
• a pic of San Jose High
• pics of your friends now
• pics showing your sports interests/ interests outside of school
• pics showing your long term college and career goals

• You will also have 'Five steps to success'

• and a narrated (voice) statement about how to make the world a better place.

The movie must have:
• an introduction
• content
• an end
• use of transitions
• Music

You will submit the completed movie as your rough draft DUE SEPTEMBER 26, 27


Friday 9/13
1 Write (answer on the paper provided)

  • Read about photojournalist Robert Capa CLICK HERE and answer the following questions:
  • When was he born?
  • Where was he born?
  • For what  kind of work was he famous?
  • What president awarded to him the medl of freedom?
put 8 Robert Capa images in a folder

2 length of clip (demo)
Make the first clip 3, the second 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5. What happens if you add transitions?

3 Sound demo:  fade in, fade out, over all.

4 Start working on your movie.

Wednesday 9/11
Define Photojournalism: Photojournalism is to create stories through photography.
Write 2 sentences about Dorothea Lange - A photojournalist.  CLICK HERE

Find 8 images from Dorothea Lange and put them in a folder called Dorothea Lange on your desktop.

imovie 'fix pics demo'


Monday 9/9
We are going to start a new project. The writing assignment is to answer the following questions on paper.  Write neatly and use complete sentences

imovie project - My Life.

- My name is __ I was born __

- My first memory is

- About my family: I live with __ and I have __ brothers and __ sisters.

- These are the things I can tell you about my family ( write as much as you like)

- I went to elementary school __ and one thing I remember about going to elementary school is __

- What I like best about high school __ Why __

- What I like least about high school __ Why __

- My interests and hobbies are __

- What do I want to do after high school __

- Five steps I will follow to reach my goal __ (example: I will do homework every night and pass all my classes with As and Bs)

- What are the things I hope to attain in my lifetime? (example: I want to get married and have plenty of money)

Make something like this in Photoshop using your own name and picture of course. THE SIZE IS 11 BY 8.5

Start gathering pictures.  They may be on your phone, facebook or slap chat.  Start getting them together in a folder on your  computer. You can also bring pics from home 'old style' and we can scan them.  Have all your pics together by next class.


Thursday 9/5, Friday 9/6
Copy the blue words.
Define Graphic Designer. A person who combines text, photos illustrations and other visual elements to create commercial art and advertising.  An artist that designs poster, web banners, labels, bottles, bags, boxes  and other packaging materials. A graphic designer creates the visuals for any commercial project. The current average salary, depending on experience is $46,000 to $84, 000 per year.  Many successful graphic designers earn over $100,000 per year.

(demo)  We will go over Form again

Finish any missing elements of art pages - to be turned in last 20 minutes of the period TODAY!


Tuesday 9/3
We will establish Lab Seating today.

Write: Fill in the guess words and then do a quick sketch of each word.

Finish your computer representation of the seven elements of art.


Friday8/30, Tuesday 9/3
self check in preparation for the quiz.

Do you understand the following:
color picker
type/ character window to change type
layer styles
free transform tool

Space drawing

  • linear perspective
  • disappearing color
  • disappearing detail/ blur

Do your space drawing. It must be a different object.

Wednesday 8,28, Thursday 8/29
Show Value.
We will use the Eyedropper Tool to make a value scale of Beyonce.

Continue with elements of art Drawings.


Monday 8/26, Tuesday 8/27
List the seven elements of art(see 8/21 below)

In photoshop create an example, using photoshop tools, that demonstrates your understanding of each element of art.  Today you should be able to complete at least Line, Shape and form. Use this link   >>>CLICK HERE<<<   read each page and look at the examples and then make your own example.

Friday 8/23
Write: Copy the blue words
We have looked at each of the following in Photo Shop:
The Color Picker

Now we add MEASUREMENT.  Measurement allows us to not only place objects in a specific location, it also allows us to share information or describe to another person how to make something.

Copy by  observing the Rulers and Guides.

Make a canvas 8 x10
Place a horizontal guide at 2 inches
Place a vertical guide at 1 inch
On the horizontal guide type Go Bulldogs in 36 point, Arial Black and make the tracking 200.

Wednesday 8/21, Thursday 8/22
Copy the blue words:
A typographer uses type to make art. A  typographer is concerned with the aesthetic quality of type.
point size. A point is 1/72 of an inch.
The seven elements of art are:

  • line
  • shape
  • form
  • space
  • value
  • color
  • texture

Type: Introduce the character window.

Make Wormy Guy and add your name.  Submit as last-first-worm-8-21


Tuesday 8/20
Copy the blue words

1. Copy the blue words.
What are the parts of a Photo Shop project that move independently? Layers.

What is the tool that provides rotate change in location and size ?  Free Transform

List the seven elements of art: line, shape, form, space, value, color, texture.

2. (Free Transform tool)
Make a simple stick figure using the free transform tool.

3. (Layers)
Make Wormy Guy using shapes on seperate layers.


FRIDAY 8/16, Monday 8/19

Write: Copy the blue words.
Officially known as Adobe Systems, the company is known for its multimedia and creativity software products. Popular products include Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company was founded in 1982. 
Adobe Illustrator was the company’s first consumer product, which was a vector-based drawing program for Mac.

1. What are the parts of a Photo Shop project that move independently? Layers.

2. List the seven elements of art: line, shape, form, space, value, color, texture.

• layers
• Free transform tool

Make Smiley 

Make Stick man/ woman

Turn your work into your Goog drive as last-first-smiley-8-16 and last-first-stick-man-8-16

-Stop Here-

Wednesday 8/14

• Get to know you form

• folders, Name tag.

• Go to

• Photoshop: make smiley 1 upload to goog drive as 8-14-smiley 1.

• Make smiley 2 upload to goog drive as 8-14-smiley 2.

• Share work: all class - Slide show.

• Keep your seat till the bell rings.

-Stop Here-

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