IB Design Tech

Wednesday 9/11
Reading  is 2.4 and 2.5 on Clean Technology and Green Design. Answer the questions.

The basics of the design cycle are
Brainstorming and gathering information
Making preliminary plans and drawings
Making the product
Anlyzing and revising the product
Re-making  the product

You will make a chair working in groups. You must show clear documented evidence of having gone through all stages of the design cycle to come up with your product.
100 points
Due September 24 at the end of class.

Start by collecting no fewer than 10 very different chairs in a folder on the computer and write at least 1 sentence describing a quality either good or bad for each.

Monday 9/9
Today's reading is about energy distribution and the development of batteries pages 25 - 37.

Go to this link CLICK HERE . As you read, answer the questions on a piece of paper to be turned into the sub at the end of the period.  You don't have to copy the questions but number the answers and write using complete sentences.

On the back side of the piece of paper, take about 15 minutes and redesign the cell phone in a way that focuses on its aesthetic qualities.  What does aesthetic mean?  Look it up :)


Tuesday 8/27
Short video about the psychology of design.

Designers consider three human factors: Anthropometry, psychological factors and physiological factors.

Anthropometry is the study of human body properties such as height, mass and volume. Example: In order to build doors we must know the height of human beings.

Read 1b and answer the questions:

1. List six environmental conditions that might effect us:

2. List the senses that might be part of a users experience:
Sight, h__, t__, t__, sm__.

3. Copy the flowchart figure 1.1b.2

4. User responses to environmental factors.  
Research shows that employees that are dissatisfied with their work environment are ___ ___.

5. Is the gathering of psychological factor data precise?  In your own word describe why or why not.

Arrange the chairs, we will do 3 or 4 designs.
  • Which is best?
  • Why?
  • How does it make you feel?

Friday 8/23  - http://www.ruthtrumpold.id.au/destech/

Read pages 1-6 of Design Technology
Answer the following questions. Use complete sentences.

  1. Define Anthropometrics.

2. What is Primary Data?

3. Why is Sierra Sam the crash dummy a bad idea?

4. What replaced Sierra Samm the crash dummy?

5. Explain Designing for adjustability.

6. List 6 different things that would require anthropometric data to design and use an example as to why. 
Example: Antropometric data would be used to design baseball caps because caps must fit the human head. Also the adjustable band will adjust to accommodate the variation in the size of the human head.

Break into groups of five or six
Collect Anthropometric Data
Measure each member of the group using the wall, blue tape and a ruler.
Record your data on paper. 
Determine the mean average.

Answer:  Would you design a product, say a pair of pants to accommodate the mean average?

Why or why not? ______

We will have a class discussion.

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